Bad Email?

Do not open any attachments sent to you by an unknown sender. As well, even if you do the know person, if the email looks suspicious, don’t open it. If you would like, you can forward the email to . After sending that, send an email to your consultant to check the email for viruses. (Do not send the email directly to us)

Decrapinate Useless iPhone Icons

Tired of those stupid icons on your iPhone that you will NEVER use!? Press and hold 1 crappy icon and drag it to another crappy icon. This will allow you to make a folder. You can name it Useless Stuff, or Crappy Icons. Press and drag all of your crappy icons to this group, so now you only have 1 Crappy folder icon.


One of the most appealing aspects of Windows 7 is its ability to “Snap” multiple open apps side-by-side. The feature comes in very handy on the desktop as well if you need to start multitasking. Simply click an open window and drag it to the left or right edge of the screen to automatically resize it to fill that half of the desktop. Dragging a window to the top edge expands it to full screen.

If you’re more into keyboard commands, Windows key + left arrow, Windows key + right arrow, and Windows key + up arrow snaps the selected window in the same manner.

Erase the Past

When you’re shuffling files around willy-nilly, you’re bound to accidentally drop one in the wrong folder—or almost more irritating, errantly make copies of a slew of files rather than simply dragging them to a new location. Arrrrrrrrg.

Rather than trying to track that missing file down or manually delete the legion of copies, whip out the universal Get Out of Jail Free card that, somewhat surprisingly, also works within Windows proper: Crtl + Z. The keyboard shortcut undoes your last action, restoring order when chaos suddenly appears. (Crtl + C and Crtl + V for copying and pasting, respectively, also work properly within Windows.)

Put a Pin in it

Right-clicking a programs taskbar icon brings up that’s program’s Jump List—quick links to the most recent files you’ve opened with that program. Got a file or template you open often? Pin it to the Jump List by dragging it onto the program’s taskbar icon, or by clicking the pin icon to the right of the file name in the Jump List itself. Jump Lists can skirt around Windows’ frustrating refusal to pin individual folders to the taskbar, pinning folders to the Jump List instead.

Be the Cool Kid

Want to be the cool kid on the block?

Next time you want to switch between programs, press and hold the Windows Key (Button with Windows Flag on it) and press the Tab key a few times. When people see you how do this, they’ll just give you their lunch money!

Too much of a good thing

With your Outlook Inbox, you can have too much of a good thing.

Look at the bottom left while you are in your Inbox and see how many Items you have. If you have over 5,000, you’re a winner! But seriously, Microsoft best practices and in our experience, it’s best to keep your Inbox below 5,000 items. This will make it faster and not have to load 100,000 items (Yes, you know who you are!) every time you go to your Inbox.